20 Weeks... Halfway There!

When I realized that I am now 20 weeks along I was in a small state of shock! Holy cow... I'm halfway through this pregnancy! Where in the world did the time go??? And how in the world am I, the person who knows very little about babies and kids in general, going to care for this new life??? It's safe to say that I'm not only nervous about the change that will soon occur in our lives, but down right scared...

So, just like I did when I was given the task to care for a small 10 week old puppy, I have started to research and read different materials to educate myself on how to be a parent. The top two books I'm reading right now are "What to Expect the First Year" & "Nursing Your Baby." I'm hoping they both teach me all things "baby" and all things "breastfeeding" since I'm overly concerned about both.

Anyways, enough about all my worries and onto the fun stuff! I had another doctors appointment this past week. Everything is checking out okay so far. The doctor says the baby has a great looking head and that I have a great looking placenta... who knew! We could have found out the sex this appointment, but I was tough and declined the offer to find out even though I think Dan is more than ready to know. HA! We did get to take home some face shots of our little June Bug that I can share with you.

Profile shot...

Face shot... baby looking at you...

3D ultrasound shot! Wild isn't it!

Even though there is a LOT of changes happening right now, one of the coolest things I have experienced lately is being able to feel the baby move not only from the inside, but I can put my hand on my stomach and feel it on the outside as well. There was even a night that I felt it kicking and could actually see my stomach move! CRAZY! Of course, poor Dan has either not been home when this all is happening or the baby stops it's acrobatics when he tries to feel. But he was finally able to feel it slightly one night which was super exciting for both of us :)

One of the things I have been struggling with the most is people wanting to touch my stomach.... uhhhhhgggg just the thought makes me cringe. I have tried to be pretty vocal with most people that it's okay to look, but please don't touch... but working at a place full of older ladies it's hard to get them to understand that I'm not comfortable with their hands all over me. I get that there is a baby inside there, but to me it's my belly and not something I enjoy people rubbing all the time. Dan is the only person who has free reign to touch the baby bump whenever he pleases.

Anyways, I'll leave you with the first of few belly pics. As you can see, Remington is already in love with our soon to be new addition to the family. At least I like to think so. HA! No honestly... in all reality he is completely unaware of what is about to happen to him :)

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