Remington's Rundown

Hey Doodle Lovers! It's Remington Bear here!

It's been a while since I last made an appearance on the blog! I know you missed me!

What have I been up to lately you ask... well lots of stuff of course, but mostly passing out love to people!

Doing visits at Mom's work takes up a lot of my time, but I get so excited when Mom puts on my bandanas and tells me its time to head to work. 

Most of the time I do my visits with my girlfriend Bella... but there was about a 5 week period when Bella's Mom was vacationing in Hawaii so my buddy Cubby, the Golden Retriever, filled in for her! I love Cubby and we get along great during our visits together!

But... when Bella finally did return I was super excited and I let her soak up as much love as possible from Mom's residents since she had been without any for so long.

When Christmas time rolled around I helped Mom pass out presents to the residents that Santa had delivered. That was hard work and took a long time since we had around 150 residents to visit with. PHEW!

Not only did Santa show up with gifts of all kinds, but Mrs. Claus also made an appearance. She looked so cute and the residents couldn't resist her sweetness.

Because I work so much I often have to spend a lot of time catching up on my beauty rest...

and giving snuggles to my Dad...

and snuggles to my Mom!

I also have been investigating some changes that have been going on around my house. Mom and Dad have been bringing in strange smelling boxes. They tell me they are trying to prepare me to be a big brother. I'm not completely sure what it all means but I have a feeling my life could be changing soon. All I know is that I will try my hardest to make Mom and Dad proud of me!
Time to sign off... WIGGLES!

~Remington Bear~

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