How Lucky Were We...

On December 9th... the day after I completed all the requirements needed to finish my Masters degree... my grandmother left this world and entered into Heaven. At the time, even though I was sad... I was more relieved that she was no longer suffering or in any type of pain.

Now, after almost a month has passed by I can feel the grief setting in. I miss her and now am feeling a lot of what I should have been feeling when it all happened. So many things remind me of her every day and my heart aches to hear her voice, or get a letter from her, or have her hold me in her arms.

Not too long before she got really sick I had breakfast with her one morning where she explained to me how she wanted her funeral to go, where certain things in her apartment were, etc. For a very long time she had what would happen after she was gone planned out. She never wanted to be a burden to anyone. So when she passed away, it was no surprise to find a journal with every detail written out and I knew most of these plans. One thing I didn't know about was that she wanted me to speak during her funeral. I wasn't sure if I would be able to do it, but I'm so glad I did. So on that day I stood up and read these words that I had written about her....

My Grandma was an amazing lady! But that is no secret to those of you who knew her. 
She was many things to many people, but for me she wasn't just my Grandma...
She was my best friend, mentor, shoulder to cry on, 
Skip Bo partner, pen pal, secret keeper, and biggest cheerleader.
There is no doubt that many of our hearts ache today because of the loss of this
special women, but she gave us many memories to remind us of her as we 
continue on our journey through life. 
During this time I would like to share a few special memories, on from each of her grandchildren.

(Here I shared three memories... one from myself and my cousins Ryan & Stephanie)

All of us have our own special memories that we've shared with her... 
and what a blessing that is! 
So today remember, she would not want this to be a time of sadness,
but instead a time of celebration of her life. 
I want to leave you today with one of my favorite quotes that comes to us 
today from Winnie the Pooh...
"How lucky we were to have someone in our lives 
that makes saying goodbye so hard."

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