Week #9


Weight: 10 lbs 7 oz

Length: 22 3/4 inches

Monthly Check Up: This month was when we got our shots. Yikes! Roarke got six different shots and the process about broke my heart. Roarke only cried for a little bit, but knowing he was in pain was hard. The doctor said that everything was looking good and he is on target with where is is suppose to be. Once again she commented on how alert and easy going he is. I can't help but wonder if this is something she says to everyone or if he is really more mellow than most babies.

Post Shots: I was really concerned with how he would take the shots. I've heard horrible stories from some parents about the days following. The doctor said to give him Infant Tylenol, a warm bath, and do bicycles with his legs to work the medication through. When we got home from the doctor Roarke napped for quite some time. But when he woke up the water works started and I could definitely tell my sweet fella was in some pain. He cried through his entire bath and most of the evening, but when I finally got him to sleep he slept through the entire night and woke up with smiles all over his face. The next day it was like nothing had happened. RELIEF!


Roarke is changing more and more each day. I truly cannot get over how big he is getting and how much more of his personality is coming out. At the beginning of the month Roarke surprised us by learning to roll over from tummy to back on both the left and right sides. I also have been shocked with the fact that babies are able to projectile poop. Roarke surprised me a few mornings by shooting poop across the room! WOW! I quickly learned to let him work his morning "gifts" out before opening up his diaper! Roarke has been discovering his hands and fingers and is getting closer and closer to sucking on his fingers and thumbs. He is focusing more and more on people, objects, and his buddy Remington (and his wagging tail). He enjoys staring at bright lights and ceiling fans and has recently enjoyed listening to me read books to him and looking at the pictures. We have enjoyed the huge smiles we get on a daily basis from him.


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