Mileage Monday

Running stats for the week of March 28th - April 3rd... Lordy! This past week was a week of catch up. Catch up on cleaning, on laundry, on outside chores, on food prepping... so much of the week was spent on just catching up that most of the things I usually do was lost. So in the world of working out all I really got accomplished was one walk with my Remi. Pathetic I know.

And even now as a new week is beginning I find myself once again playing catch up as the Roarke-a-nator seems to have come down with a stomach bug. It has definitely been one of the less glamorous moments in my motherhood career as I'm cleaning up huge spots of vomit off my carpet while my 10 month old sits in the bathtub covered in it. All that laundry I had got finished was suddenly overflowing in my laundry room, my sink was full of dishes, and my cleanly swept floors wreaked of Resolve Carpet Cleaner. YUCK!

This sweet Sugar Bear is not feeling so hot and it breaks my heart!

So let me apologize if I don't get to that blog post, dirty dish, smelly towel, or run this week. Right now in terms of catching up I'm focused on snuggling a sweet little man who needs extra love while he is on the mend. I must remember that all those things that need done really don't matter in the least, but being there for my loves are what's important!

Time to watch some Sprouts and chill on Momma's lap for the day!

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