Southside Momma's Meetup

I'm definitely an introvert at heart. I enjoy being at home, reading a book, watching a good movie on TV, taking a long walk, going on a run. I enjoy spending time with friends, but smaller groups are my thing... definitely NOT big parties. However, now that Roarke is getting older I know that just being with Dan and I is not benefiting his social skills. I knew that I needed to start taking him to groups where he could meet other kids his age and do things outside his norm. So, even though putting myself in situations were I don't know anyone is kind of stressful, I decided to join a Southside Momma's group so I could be part of different events that go on throughout the month that I thought Roarke might enjoy. 

Roarke and I have gone to something called "Play Baby Play" a few times at our local library. It is an hour long program were you get to sing, learn rhymes, play musical instruments, read books, and just play with other kids. I have definitely noticed Roarke is starting to get a little bit of stranger anxiety lately, but when we go to these groups he just jumps right in to playing with other kids. It is fun to see him play with other kids since I don't see that very often.

Love that little guy!

Here's Roarke with his buddy Lincoln! I have to laugh when I'm at these groups. Mom's with their 3-6 month old babies will sit down next to me and say things like... "Oh, they look like they are the same age, how old is he?" They are absolutely shocked when I tell them Roarke is 10 months. Its crazy to see a 3 month old weigh the same as my 10 month old! Oh my my my!

This little lady thought Roarke was good looking! I caught her giving him the eye several times :)

I really thought that I would hate going to things like this and making small talk with people I don't know, but I actually haven't minded it and I don't ever really feel like I don't know anyone there because I always have Roarke to talk to. Once Roarke turns one we will be able to join in a lot more things! Can't wait for more adventures with my little dude!

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