Week #48


Weight: 17 lbs 8 oz (this boy will just not put on weight!)

We are one month away from Roarke's first birthday! I know I say it constantly, but where did the time go? Even though I loved having a little baby... I am by far enjoying this age right now! Roarke is so fun and interactive! Roarke loves being outside! Everyday that it is nice out we put a blanket down and play outside for hours. We take walks almost everyday too. If I need to stop him from fussing you better believe going outside is the answer! Right now Roarke is all about sharing things with you. When you are sitting on the floor playing with him he will approach you with a toy or book and politely hand it off to you. Speaking of books... Roarke is OBSESSED with all books right now! Seriously, I spend my entire day reading the same book over and over again. He loves looking at the pictures and turning pages! Roarke is also getting more and more curious about Remi. He can be found army crawling after Remington and Remington can be found running away from Roarke! HA! We have been working on teaching Roarke to pet Remington "nicely" instead of pulling his hair! YIKES! Roarke is saying Dada, Mama, and Bye Bye more and more and also likes waving to people! We have been teething hard core lately. I think he has 4 teeth cutting through at the same time. For the past few weeks I have been dealing with a super grouchy kids, which has not been fun! We also bought Roarke his first pair of "real" shoes... he isn't a fan! HEHE!


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