Life as a cop wife...

I must say that life has not been easy this week. It has been somewhat emotional for me. I knew Dan being on second shift would be hard, but you just don't realize what life will be like until it happens.  I'm grateful that I had to work late a few nights this week to keep my mind off being lonely.  Being able to see your husband only when he is sleeping is not all that fun.  When I have been home, things have been interesting that's for sure.  I have been greeted with 2-3 piles of puke almost every evening in Remington's crate.  Yeah... disgusting.  I think he is suffering from a bit of separation anxiety. Also, taking care of an 82 lb dog who is adjusting to his Dad being gone is not the most fun thing in the world.  Remington has managed to push my buttons all week long!  He has enjoyed running around the house like a maniac, barking and jumping at the neighbors like they are going to rob our house, and pretty much not listening to a gosh darn thing I ask him to do.  It has been lovely.  It might not sound like that big of a deal to most, but when your dog is almost as big as you, it can become a real problem. Since Dan is the disciplinary in the house I know that Remington is just testing me to see what he can and cannot get away with.  By the end of my evenings Remington has worn himself out from being so bad :)

"With Dad gone I get one whole side of the bed to myself!!!"   

Sleep has also been an issue since Dan is getting home around midnight most nights.  When Remington hears the garage door go up it is almost impossible to get him to settle down for at least a hour.  So I don't get back to sleep for probably the next two hours :(  By the end of this first week, I'm wearing down....  I'm just grateful that once FTO Training is over with Dan will go back to thirds :)

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful post that only another cop's wife would understand. My husband works 3rd shift, and although I do relish in hogging the whole bed and not having him snore in my face (a description that makes him gafaw), I do miss him terribly at night when I go to bed.

I am a hairstylist and have an odd schedule, too, and we just work it out. Always have. But, its nice to hear someone else describe what its like to miss your cop husband.

He loves what he does and because of that, I wouldn't want him to do anything else.

But, I do miss him and cherish the times I can have him.

So, again, thanks for the post. Always nice to know I'm not alone. ;o)