Spring Break in P-town!

One of the perks of working at a University is that you often get some of the fun vacations off that the students do!  Spring Break is one of those for us!  We didn't get the whole week off like they did, but we did get 2 days off!  What can I say... I can't complain!

Since Dan is working so much lately Remington and I decided to take a short trip to P-town that way we didn't get so lonely during the times that Dan is not home!  Even though it makes things easier on us... it makes things harder on Dan!  An empty house for 4 whole days will be torture for him.  With Remington there it would be bearable... but without... TORTURE!

Remington and I packed up in the afternoon on Wednesday and started on our 2 hour trip!  We ended up stopping at Ashcraft Jewelers on the way through because I noticed that one of the small diamonds in my ring had fallen out!  AHHHH!  Luckily, they fixed it at no charge!

We stayed in P-town for four whole days, but can you believe that I didn't take one picture!!! I know, I'm disappointed in myself.  The weather was great and Remington and I got to take many walks together and spend lots of time with Mom and Dad.  I got to have dinner with my best guy friend Curt and see Kristin, Lindsey and Baby Andrew!  Usually I would get to see my Grandma F., but she had the flu really bad.  I think the whole family was quite concerned about her.  We finally talked her into going to the doctor! I think she is finally on the up swing!

We headed home in the morning on Sunday so we could see Dan before he left for work and take care of some things around the house.  Dan is getting a cold... blah!  He is very congested and not feeling great.  I cleaned up the house a little bit and tackled the mountain of laundry that Dan had not yet gotten to.  Tomorrow I head back to work......... I would rather bang my head against the wall.

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