Needing a new hobby...

Okay... as I have mentioned before... these 2nd shift work hours of Dan's are slowly killing me of LONELINESS!  I think I'm in need of a new hobby...

Of course, I still have hobbies that I currently enjoy... but the loneliness seems to overtake even them!

Hobbies I love:

1) Reading... there is nothing like passing the time with a good book!

2) Running... in the summer time I become obsessed with this pass time, but right now in the cold, not so much!

3) Cross stitching... I love doing this, but often start a project and never finish it (Andrew's Blanket)

4) DIY projects... for a while I was really into working on little do it yourself projects such as painting flower pots.  I still have 3 of those I need to do before May hits!

5) Gardening... I know I'm not a green thumb!  But I like to try!  This summer I plan on starting all of my flowers from seeds!

Okay, okay, okay... I guess I don't need a new hobby, maybe I just need to reconnect with my old ones :) I'm thinking that once summer comes it will be much easier to keep myself entertained... don't you!

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Mary said...

Have you ever considered knitting? My sister is going to be knitting hats for newborn babies with her class then donating them to local hospitals, etc. She's trying to get me to try it, but if I'm going to take a crack at being "domestic" I'm going to need a support group! ;)