Wanting a Police Scanner...

Some of the blogs that I enjoy following are what I like to call "Cop Wife Blogs"... they are mainly the blogs of cop wives in different areas around the country.  Very interesting to read about their worlds. One of the topics of discussion on their blogs was police scanners.  Well, after reading about them I want one!

First of all... it isn't just because I want to hear what Dan is doing at work... even though that is a plus... I'm just interested in police work in general.  I mean, I did get a degree in Criminal Justice and probably would have went into that kind of work had I not married a cop.  I just want to know what is going on in general around Lawrence for informational as well as entertainment purposes :) There's nothing wrong with that right?

However, my husband, really does not want me to get one.  Dan says that it will only make me worry more.  Often times they will get a call that sounds a lot worse than what it ends up being.  So, I could think he is going into a life or death matter when really it ends up being nothing.  He also said that there can be long periods of silence between each dispatch so I might be waiting for long periods of time wondering what happened and if he is all right. Plus, since he will be on thirds then I wouldn't be able to listen during his work time anyways.

I'm not backing down though... there are big advantages of having one around the house!!!  They are good to have around if a major disaster hit.  They can inform me of weather alerts such as tornados, blizzards, storms, floods, or earthquakes.  Also, I could find out about highway problems or power outages.  It seems to me that a police scanner would be extremely beneficial during times that I need important information fast, don't you think?

Now... I know that some of you out there read this blog religiously... please leave me a comment and tell me your vote!  Yes, Dan should get me one... or No, Dan should not!  My fate is in your hands!!!!


Leslie said...

Sorry, Kendra. You know I love you, but I think Dan is right. It will just make you worry more. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Bruce said...

Kendra, Dear, I have to agree with my son on this one. We love you too, though, you will rest easier without it.


jbush1171 said...

Kendra, I also believe you would worry too much :( However, there are aps on phones where you can download a "scanner". Maybe try it first and see how worried it makes you feel. Just a thought.