Dan's Swearing In Ceremony

Today was Dan's Swearing In Ceremony and I can honestly say that I have never been more proud of him.  To know how hard he has worked to get this position and how long it took makes it even more worth while.

We left for the department at 11:45 a.m.  I think I was more nervous about the day than Dan.  I actually feel like I'm starting a new job!  Must be sympathy job pains.  Once there, Dan and the whole family met with the Chief of Police.  He was very nice and seemed easy going.  After that we were directed over to Craig Middle School where the swearing in would take place...

Dan had kind of a special Ceremony.  The Lawrence Police Department were taking their first group picture in 8 years, so ALL the officers were there for the ceremony.  WOWZERS! It was neat driving up to a parking lot FULL of cops cars and officers.  The Ceremony began at 2:00 p.m. and it was very special for me to be there for this important moment in his life. Below are some pictures from the day :)

Dan begin sworn in by the Lawrence County Clerk (the Mayor was on vacation)

Shaking the Chief's hand :)

I got the honor of pinning on Dan's badge... here's the start of me trying to pin it on...

Still working on it... (Captain Vaughn telling me he'll help me if I need it)

Still working on it...

Finally finished!!!  Just so you know it wasn't my fault... Dan had not cut the appropriate holes for the pin to go through so I was pushing it through a THICK layer of material.  The whole gymnasium thought it was quite funny... more like EMBARRASSING!

After the ceremony we took some family photos :)

 Dan's family... so happy for him!!!

The Rhoton side of the family :)

The Fowler side of the family!

 So proud of him :)

Before we left they were bringing in their canine unit for pictures!!!  Of course you know I had to get a pic of that!

Here's the dogs with their human partners :)

Dan starts work tomorrow.  Right now he will be on administrative duty for the next few days.  On Monday he will start training with his FTO!  I can't tell you how excited he is :)  The only bad thing is yes, he will be starting off on 2nds.  This will take some getting use to for Remington and I.  However, we are so happy for Dan not much could rain our parade!!!  CONGRATS OFFICER RHOTON!  We love you!!!


Beth & Alfie said...

What an achievement & such a proud moment! Don't worry about the pin snafu -- it's little things like that, that you'll look back on together thru the years, & laugh about!! ;)

Mary said...

Hooray! Congratulations! So happy for you guys. :)