RUIndy Fit Photo Contest!

In January I told you about how a bunch of us at work were participating in the RUIndy Fit Program at the University.  Remember we were calling our team Arrested Development!!!  Well, we are about a month into our 10,000 steps a day program and as a group we haven't won a darn thing!  Obviously, some of the other groups here at UIndy are over achievers!  BOO!

Well, not to worry because we have set our sights on winning the RUIndy Fit Photo contest!  All the groups have the opportunity to submit a photo that demonstrates what their team is all about!  With the help of Jason, our digital marketing manager, we were able to come up with a kick a$$ photo!

Remember the TV show we based our team off of???

Well, below is the UIndy version...

Pretty hilarious huh?

From left to right... Colleen, Cindy, Joe, Carrie, Lois, Heather, Jim, Me, Lora, Valesa, and Jason

(Feel free to click on the pic to enlarge)

Do you think we'll win????

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