No Strings Attached!

There's nothing better than getting a half day off work Friday... except maybe your bestest bud getting it off too!

Seriously, how lucky are Myla and I to end up with time off work together!  Well, we certainly didn't waste it that's for sure! We had a plan of attack already in place... late lunch at Bravo's and then off to see No Strings Attached!

It was okay... not as great as I was expecting, but it didn't matter cause I got some quality time with Myla!  There were tons of kids at the theater excited to see Justin Beiber's Never Say Never!  It was pretty crazy... I decided to get a picture with the 16 year old (or whatever his age is)!

We look good together... lol

Sadly, Myla refused this bit of childish behavior :)

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Mary said...

Ha! Love the photo with Justin Beiber. Too funny. ;)