V-day Sushi and Necklace

For Valentine's Day Dan and I really don't do much.  It's kind of one of those holidays that we think was made up just so companies could get more money.  I know, we're so romantic right?  The one thing we do like to do though on special occasions is get sushi!  YUM!

Since our schedules are so hard to coordinate we ended up having our V-day celebration on Wednesday night.  We didn't even eat in the restaurant, but instead just got take out from there.  It was so good and I loved every minute of it!

A little piece of heaven...

Dan taking his first bite!

Here's me and my vegetarian sushi!

Remington was very interested in this stuff.  Don't worry... it looks like he is touching it, but he is far from :)

Dan also got me a necklace that I really wanted...

It's a sideways cross necklace.  You would wear it at an angle.  I really love it not only because it's a cross, but because it is different :)

Something like this :)

I hope everyone else enjoys their Valentine's Day!!!