Busy Busy Saturday!

Most weekends in the Rhoton household are pretty quiet.  We usually spend that time picking up around the house, catching up on some much needed rest from our long weeks, and doing homework.  This weekend was a little different in that we actually had people come visit us and got to enjoy being out and about with them :)

Saturday morning Mom and Dad Fowler came down to Indy for the day.  They haven't had the chance to come see us in a while because they have been so bogged down with work and the weather has been so crappy!  I was sooo excited to see them!!!  We all went out for lunch like we usually do, but then the boys split up and went their way while the girls split up and went theirs.

Mom and I went shopping at the Mall.  Well, I guess I wouldn't exactly call it shopping... we didn't get anything... but mostly just browsed the stores.  I did however want to get something for Dan's Swearing In Ceremony during the beginning of March, so I was on the lookout for a new shirt or something, but never found anything I REALLY wanted.

Dad and Dan went shooting... yes, I said shooting!!!  LOL!  Since Dan got this new job he will be switching the type of gun he carries.  Because of that, he had around 200 rounds of bullets he needed to use up that he bought for his old gun.  Anyways, he asked Dad if he wanted to go to the shooting range with him to get rid of them :)  Surprisingly, Dad was pretty excited about going with him and I think he enjoyed himself!  I'm sure he would much rather spend time with Dan than walking around the Mall with Mom and I!  HEHE!

Here are the guys with their targets!!

Mom and Dad ended up leaving in the late afternoon... Hopefully, once the weather gets nicer they will be able to come see us more often :)

On Saturday evening, Dan and I were going out with a bunch of the police officers he works with and some of their wives.  I guess you could kind of call it Dan's farewell dinner.  We all went out to Shallo's.  It is a little whole in the wall bar, but is oh so good!!!

Here's the whole group of us!

Dan and I...

The Dishman's... Jeff and Jen

The Musselman's... Matt and Jennifer

The Cutcliff's... Lindsey and Keith!  And of course Lashawn!

After dinner, we all headed down to Fountain Square and did some Duck Pin Bowling.  It was a pretty fun and comical!

Here's the entrance...

And our lanes...

We really enjoyed ourselves on Saturday with all the activities going on.  Hopefully, we will get to do it again sometime soon! HAPPY SATURDAY!

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Bruce said...

Dear K and D,

Looks like fun! I bet your Dad would like shooting also. He was a gunner in the National Guard.