Remington turns 2!

Today we celebrated Remington Bear's Birthday!  My little boy turned 2 years old today!  Can you believe it!  He is growing up so fast!  We had a pretty quite celebration since Dan had to work tonight.  He needed to get some sleep before he went in, so we didn't have any wild parties like last year!  Here is how Remington's day went...

Remington woke up with a phone call from his Grandma Fowler wishing him a Happy Birthday.  It was so cute because when my mom said, "Happy Birthday Remington!" his tail started wagging like crazy!

Once we got up for the morning, Remington had received a Birthday Card in the mail from his Great Grandma Fowler!  The card wished him a Happy Birthday and even had $5 in it for him to use to get a treat!  Thanks Great Grandma!

Then Dan and I decided to give him his presents.  We got him a new bean bag because his old one has recently ripped and all the little balls had started coming out of it!  He was pretty excited to see this brand new blue one!

"I love my new bean bag!"

But that wasn't all Remington Bear got!!!  Dan and I also had ordered him a gigantic antler!  He loves these things and they clean his teeth really well!!!!  Had to take this picture so you could see just how BIG it was!

"A new antler!!  YAY!"


Bear spent the rest of his afternoon lounging on his new bean bag and chewing on his antler!

 In the evening, after dinner, it was time for Birthday Cake!  We always get our cakes at Belle Dog Bakery!  They do an awesome job and make them out of all natural ingredients that have been approved safe for dogs :)

And yes, we got him a candle too :)

Then we sang him Happy Birthday!  Remington was so excited he had to get a little lick in before it was over :)

"Can I eat it yet?"

Gobbling the cake up!!!

Dan holding Remi's plate so he could lick the icing that was left behind :)

The night ended with a tuckered out Birthday Boy, but I think he had a wonderful day :)



Chris and Steff said...

Aww, love this post. Looks like a WONDERFUL birthday! Where is that bakery at? I might have to look into getting a cake for B next week :)

Pam said...

Dear K and D,

I enjoyed these pictures so much, especially you and R. on the couch. He is huge and beautiful.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Remington!

It was good to hear you enjoyed your days off. I know how you hate winter! There are some advantages. I got 2 days off school too.

Miss you guys. Love


Mary said...

How cute is this! Happy Birthday, Remington. :)

Camilla and Darwin said...

That is one huge antler! I love that he got a beanbag, it makes me wonder if Darwin might like one? Happy Birthday Remington!

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Oh, happy happy Birthday!! Love the antler, my word, it's huge!