Rhoton Randomness!

Okay, I know I have been slacking on my posts lately.  Personally, when it is this cold outside I don't do much, which means I don't have a lot to talk about!  Today the temperature was 10 degrees when I came into work this morning!  BRRRR!  However, I think that I may have something to look forward to... I heard on the news we are suppose to hit 45 degrees on Sunday.  This may mean that the snow will actually melt and I will be able to take my dog on a walk!  Wouldn't that be nice?  :)  Remington thinks so.

Mostly this week has been about work, school, and running.  I have been quite perturbed about all the people at the gym lately.  I have had to wait for 30 minutes for a treadmill to open up recently.  I'm guessing the busyness has to do with people trying to stick with their New Year's Resolutions and possibly people training for the Mini Marathon in May... but come on... I'm getting tired of running around 40 other sweaty people on treadmills!  YUCK! Even when I leave, I see people circling the parking lot trying to find a spot.

Another new development in the Rhoton household is that Remington has finally claimed his spot on the couch.  When we first got Remington I made a rule that he would not sleep in the bed with us and he would not be allowed on the furniture.  Of course, rules are meant to be broken and at 6 months old he was sleeping in bed with us regularly.  Just recently, I made the mistake of letting him up on the couch upstairs.  He has now decided that he belongs there... sigh... of course I don't have the heart to tell him no.

Remington squished in between Dan and I on the couch.

And of course, here he is in his usual spot... between Dan and I in bed :)

What's a Mom to do? That's all for this edition of Rhoton Randomness!

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