Ice Storm 2011

Well, we made it through the ice storm of 2011 without much problems.  The storm started on Monday night and now has pretty much ended as of today.  I have not been to work since Thursday of last WEEK!  Holy cow!  I had some comp time that I needed to take because of working long hours with Phonathon so I took Friday and Monday off and then the University ended up closing down campus on Tuesday and Wednesday so I have been pretty worthless!

I'm not going to lie... I have enjoy these days off! I have gotten to read 3 whole books of MY choosing... not school books :)  I have gotten the house completely cleaned!  Lots of laundry done! I'm on top of my homework.  And the best thing, I got to spend quality time with my two favorite boys in the whole world!!!  It has been a surprise blessing :)

Dan and Remington waiting out the storm...

Here's a pictures of the amount of ice we received after the first storm... now add another inch to that after the second one hit!!!

Remington and I also enjoyed watching some movies on the couch during my days off!  We watched "Let Me In" and "Shutter Island!"  I love cuddling with this ball of fur :)

I know it's hard to believe,  but I'm surprisingly ready to venture out into the world tomorrow as I head to work... I must admit... I'm going a little stir crazy since I've been stuck inside the house for almost 3 days!!!

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