Taser Recertification!

Things have been crazy this week with Dan and work.  He has been busy doing administrative duty's for the past few days until they can get him on his FTO's schedule.  He starts Monday shadowing his FTO trainer.  I think he is really looking forward to that.  He also had a full day of qualifying with his duty weapon and off duty back up weapon.  He was pleased with how he did shooting.  He got his radio reprogrammed so when he keys up on the radio all the officers will know who is speaking.  He even received a new pager and got all his computer stuff worked out with his unit number.  At home he has been spending a lot of time trying to get things organized in his take home car.  On Friday he had his taser recertification.  They basically went over all the departments policies pertaining to the taser.  Then he had to practice shooting the taser at a target. Even though it seems like little things it has added up to a super busy first week.

I think what I'm going to start doing is a post a week about Dan's work adventures.  Then everyone can stay updated on what is going on in his world.

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