Diets for the Rhoton's

Everyone in the Rhoton household is now on the big D-I-E-T!  Yes, you got it... a diet... even Remington!  All of us have gained weight in the past couple of years, we just hope it doesn't take us as long to get the weight off as it did to put it on. Hehe!

The biggest challenge I'm facing on my diet is trying to stop drinking pop and replacing all my sweet drinks with 8 glasses of water a day.  I haven't been doing that bad of a job with it, except I did have a little incidence this Sunday and got an ICEE.  Oops :)  But other than that I'm going strong.  Another big thing I have been trying to do is eat breakfast.  Most of the time I wake up as late as possible and rush into work, which always results in no breakfast.  I'm now at least trying to get a granola bar or a piece of fruit in there somehow.  So far I have lost 4 lbs.

Dan has been trying to eat better and he has been doing some cross fit here and there.  Obviously, driving around in a police car for 8-10 hours a day and not eating right while on the job doesn't help his diet, but he has been doing a good job working on it.  I think once he is off FTO and has a more consistant schedule that it will be a bit easier on him.

Now, there's our sweet Remington Bear... Last time we were at the vet he weighed in at 82 lbs.  The vet suggested that we get a couple pounds off of him by the next time we brought him in.  I worked hard at this and started taking him on 2 mile walks everyday almost! So we took him in for his annual check up last night and he weighed in at 79 lbs.  We thought... "YAY!  We did our job!"  Wrong... the vet then told us that he wants him down to around 75 lbs.  GOODNESS!!!!  He suggested that we put him on a Weight Loss Food and cut down on the number of treats we give him during the day (no more peanut butter Dan!)

I don't think he's fat do you? Okay, maybe just a tad!

Anyways, long story short, we are all on our way to a new and skinnier Rhoton household... we hope!


Beth and Alfie said...

Oh wow, what great discipline! You can do it!

Chris and Steff said...

Good luck! Barkley is on a diet too... it's so hard to resist giving treats sometimes! He's also on diet food. :)