Forever Grateful!

I am forever grateful for the comments I received on this blog, Facebook, and DoodleKisses (please click to view comments) about thoughts and opinions on what we should do for Remington.  It has made things a lot clearer for both Dan and I on what would be best for him....

As of this morning we are leaning toward doing the surgery.  I am going to contact Purdue University which is a teaching vet school that specializes in soft tissue surgery.  The actual professor/vet would be the one doing the surgery as the students watched.  I think this is the best option since this is something they specialize in, even if it is an hour or so drive. Our vet has only done 10 of these surgeries in his 30+ year career and even though he has been successful on all 10 I just feel nervous about it.  However, if we can't get Remington into Purdue we still might go to him as we love him and know he would do his very best.

Right now, we are leaning toward the end of May for the surgery.  The way that Dan and I's schedules fall, we would be able to give Remington a full 13 days of having someone by his side as he recovers from this very long and painful ordeal.

Even though I know some people may not think our decision is right, we can only do what we believe is the best for Remington.  I will keep everyone posted as we move forward with this in the near future.


Beth and Alfie said...

I hope things work out for Purdue!! Best wishes to you all.

Chanelle said...

I think that is the right decision for your family <3