Mum Flowers!

I'm so excited!  I finally found a flower that I can't kill and it doesn't even take that much effort to take care of!

A mum! 

Many of you may remember that I replaced one of our nasty thorny bushes in front of our house with a mum!  I was a little worried that it might not survive the winter, but I'm pleased to report that it made it through and is now thriving wonderfully!  I'm sooooo excited!  I'm not by any means a green thumb (even though I wish I was) so to have it pull through was a huge accomplishment on my part!  Now that I've finally found a flower that I enjoy, that comes back every year, and is low maintainance... I'm thinking about planting them all around my house.  When Fall hits this year I'll be on the prowl for some more mums to complete the landscaping project I plan to take on this summer!  Hopefully by Fall 2012 my house will be lined with beautiful flowering mums :)

Well... I can always hope, right?

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Bruce said...

Dear K and D,

I love my mums! I'm moving mine to Bryce's hill with plantings on the other side of the road. That was Ali's idea. Do you know about pinching them back until July 4th? It makes them a lot bigger with more blooms.

Miss you 2 and love you.