Remington's Adjustment

So, about a month ago I was complaining about how awful Remington's adjustment period had been going since Dan switched to 2nd shift instead of 3rd shift.  He was throwing up a lot (almost every day) and challenging me on about every little thing I would ask him to do.  If I said STAY he would run around the house like a manic... if I said DOWN he would walk all around me daring me to correct him... if I said COME it meant play time.  In my opinion, I feel like we have a pretty well trained dog who listens and respects us most of the time, so to see him not doing as asked I knew something was up.

Well after about a month of this new schedule, things have finally started to settle down. Most of the time Remington knows that Mom is the boss when she is home by herself and Dad is the boss otherwise.  I luckily am no longer am having to deal with his extreme behavior, which I'm thankful for because I was getting lots of bruises from him mouthing my arms and hands when he didn't want to listen.  Right now I have my baby back and I'm loving it!  I don't know what I would do without his company!

Remington staring adoringly into my eyes :)

Nice and sprawled out on the bed with his favorite toys all around him!

Enjoying his time on the couch (that he isn't allowed on) with his Mom!

Shhhh... don't tell Dad!

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