Remington's Rundown - Pustular Dermatitis

Hey Doodle Lovers! It's Remington Bear here!

I've been a little under the weather lately...

I got a pretty nasty hotspot on my neck last week. It became infected and Mom and Dad had to take me to see Doc Swengel. He was able to clean it off really well and shaved some of the hair around the spot so it wouldn't irritate the area anymore.

Doc Swengel also gave me a shot, antibiotics, and prescribed me some cream... I think this is where the trouble began!

That same day I had a bad side effect from the meds. It caused me to need to drink and pee excessively. I had an accident in my crate. I've never done that before even when I was a puppy. When Mom got home from work she had quite the mess to clean up around the house... not to mention I was soaked to the bone in my own pee :(

I was so embarrassed that I had an accident and I knew Mom would be disappointed in me, but she told me it wasn't my fault and her and Dad got things cleaned up and back to normal around the house.

However, for that entire next week they had to continue to take me out to potty every couple of hours and I would go and go and go and go....

In the meantime, during one of our Sunday morning cuddle sessions Mom and Dad discovered I had a yellow bump on my belly around my groin area. They didn't think much of it, but when they checked back a few hours later I had developed 7-10 of those nasty bumps. Not only that... they were full of pus and would rupture over and over again.

It was time for yet another trip to Doc Swengel! After my exam I was diagnosed with pustular dermatitis. It is a condition that is caused by allergies and Doc Swengel thinks that the steroids and meds I received earlier in the week for my hotspot weaken my immune system which caused an eruption of these all over my body. My hotspot is pretty much healed up but now Mom and Dad have to bathe me every other day with a medicated shampoo until the dermatitis goes away! That is no easy task for them because of my size and their crazy schedules. Plus, I could have breakouts like this in the future... BUMMER!

To make the bathing process a little easier Dad invested in a cheap one of these...

So... as you can tell I've been a lot of work for them lately. However, Mom and Dad said they wouldn't trade me for the world so I'm thankful for that!

Time to sign off... WIGGLES!

~Remington Bear~

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DreamyDoodles said...

Where did you get your Goldendoodle? I have a Goldendoodle with this same issue. Turned out that treating him with flea medication took it away.. he would get HORRIBLE hot spots and rashes but we never saw one flea... until one day. We saw 1 solo flea. We gave in and began treating him on a regular basis. He is 5 now but it started when he was 1. His last hotspot was 6 months ago.. it had been years and the only reason he got that one was because we had spaced giving him his medication. He's also had the bumpy rash without pus on his belly.