30 Before 30 - Family Photo Shoot

October hit and the weather finally started to cool down. That meant it was time to schedule our family photo shoot! I didn't care about what kind of weather we were having, but I knew my heat hating husband and dog would have complaints if it wasn't below 75 degrees!

Even though Dan wasn't thrilled about getting family photos taken, I have had this on my To-Do List for years now so I was super excited about them. You see, I really wanted some nice pictures of just the three of us together to document the time in our lives when it was just us. Plus... not that I want to think about this... but I know Remi won't be around forever and I needed these pictures as a testament of the bond and love we have with him. Yes... I'm tearing up as I write this!

I asked one of my co-workers if she would be willing to take the pictures for us. I knew that she dabbled in photography and thought she would be the perfect one to do it since she's a fellow dog lover :) You must love dogs to photograph us!!

I really thought that doing photos with Remington would be easy peasy. He is pretty well trained and everything, but I didn't take into consideration all the distractions that would be going on around us. In other words he was a total spaz to say the least. It's one of those things that looking back on it I should have had more of a plan of attack going into it.. but hindsight is always 20/20 right.

Sadly, because of Remington's behavior I left the photo shoot thinking I would be happy if we got a few nice shots of the three of us together... I mean we didn't have a lot to work with... but I must say they didn't turn out too shabby :) I'll spare you with tons of photos, but I'll leave you with some of my favorites.

Big THANK YOU to JZ, our photographer, who put up with us for two long hours. Not many people could deal with a squirrel chasing, dirt loving, ADD 80 pound doodle! We really appreciated all the time you took with us and making sure you captured our little family. Again... giant thank you!

Time to check "do a family photo shoot" off my 30 Before 30 List! Slowly but surely we are getting them done!


Stephanie said...

Love the pictures!

And your hair is getting long - very pretty!

Shaye walsh said...

Hey, I couldn’t find an email address. I want to ask a question about your dog, so can you email me back?