Christmas 2013

After our amazing vacation it was back to the real world for Dan, Remi and I... Remi got horribly sick after being boarded for a few days (we are still battling that), I got the flu, then I got a horrible cold (which I still have), and then... to top everything off, our five year old washing machine broke and we had to buy another one because the old one was beyond repair! Yeah... Whirlpool Cabrio you are not my friend! I suppose this is what we get for going to the Caribbean and leaving our loved ones behind!

However, we had great Christmas' with our families!

Dan, Remi, and I got to spend good quality time with almost everyone on my side of the family!

(sorry these pictures are a little blurry)

And then we got to see almost everyone on Dan's side of the family... which is pretty rare!

So even though our luck returning from vacation hasn't been the best... we sure were blessed to see all these wonderful people and spend time talking, laughing, and just being together with one another! We are truly blessed!

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