2013 Rhoton Recap

It's that time of year again! Time for the yearly recap of the exciting events that took place in our lives! I know you absolutely cannot wait to relive every moment with us :)

Dan gets accepted on the S.W.A.T Team (click here & here for full post)

Dan unexpected makes it onto the S.W.A.T Team as their sniper and entry member. Even though he hasn't officially gone to S.W.A.T school he has gotten to participate with the team during all of their training and call outs. I know he has enjoyed it very much so far.

I ran my first Mini Marathon (click here for full post)

Even though I didn't prepare nearly as well for this race as I should have... I did make it through and even ran the entire race. It was painful during and after, but so worth it. This is one of my greatest accomplishments in life so far!

Nashville Vacation (click here, here, here, & here for full posts)

This vacation wasn't exactly what we expected, but we did enjoy ourselves and had a good time together. I especially loved this vacation because Remington joined us and I have some great photos of him living life to the fullest! If I could take every vacation with him I would :)

Arizona (click here, here, here, & here for full posts)

This family trip was to visit Dan's Mom and Dad who recently moved to Arizona and his brother Matt's family. We don't get to see out nieces and nephew nearly enough and it breaks our hearts. So this week with them was priceless and we ate up every bit of time we could with these three little people!

5K PR (click here for full post)

Running is definitely something I struggle with. I'm not really fast and I have to work to go long distances. One of my main goals I wanted to do this year was run a 5K in under 30 minutes. I succeeded in this not once but twice. However, my main PR in a 5K was 28:34.

Family Photo Shoot (click here for full post)

After years of wanting to do family photos with Dan, Remington, and I... we finally got those done. One of my friends at work took some amazing pictures of the three of us. I loved them all and could not ask for a better keepsake during this time in our lives.

Remington becomes a Therapy Dog (click here for full post)

After a month of training, Remi passed his test to become a Therapy Dog! I was probably the proudest dog mom around! We are hoping to visit nursing homes as soon as I go through orientation in January! Can't wait to use this opportunity to build Remi and I's bond with one another.

Caribbean Cruise (click here, here, here, & here for full post)

Dan and I haven't taken a cruise since our honeymoon so we loved every minute of this one! We went to the Bahamas, San Juan, and St. Maarten! Even though it will probably be several years before we go on another one we can't wait to go on something like this again!

Well those are the major highlights of 2013... what will 2014 bring???

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