Impress Press on Manicure

Something I have been loving recently is the Impress Press on Manicure!

I have seen these manicure kits for a while now, but I really thought that they would probably be a waste of money and not work...

Oh how wrong I was and I owe my friend Debbie and her daughter Paige for showing me the light!

Pretty much what you do is clean your nails off with a little cleansing pad that comes in the kit. Then you find the press ons that will fit your nails best. Then you simply press them on and avoid contact with water for 30 minutes. It's that easy!

To remove them you just peel them right off or use a little nail polish remover to loosen them up!

I have tried these twice now... once during my week long cruise... and they stayed on without any problems at all... even longer than a week! And what is even more exciting is that I can get two uses out of one package!

What can I say... these things bring me a little bit of happiness and make me feel extra pretty! 

Try them out for heaven's sake!

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