Saying Goodbye Is Hard To Do

This week has been pretty emotional for me thinking about leaving my work family. I was a sobbing mess from Wednesday to Friday. It is a bittersweet feeling that I'm dealing with. I have that of excitement, but also a lot of anxiety and sadness. It is hard leaving people you have been with for six years... some of them even longer than that. 

My co-workers were nice enough to not only arrange a party for me, but two parties to send me off in style. The first one was held on campus for people to attend and then we also had a "happy hour" send off for those that wanted to go. Even though I'm not really into things focused around me, I enjoyed myself very much!

Seriously, how blessed am I to have spent these past years with such amazing people. I will miss them all more than they will ever know! They have all impacted my life and made me a better person both personally and professionally. But let's face it, they probably can't get rid of me that easily... I'll be back to visit whether they like it or not! See you all sooner than later :)

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