I've hopelessly been trying to learn to french braid my hair.  It isn't really long enough yet to do anything too fancy with it, but I want to be prepared when I have long luxurious locks and can do my hair in all sorts of lovely ways... at least that is the goal.

I did this last night all by myself!  YAY!

Not impressed?  I was... Come on people, it's the small successes that keep me going!

P.S. I never noticed how LARGE and in charge my forehead was until this pic.  YIKES!


Leslie said...

I braided my hair like this and wore it to work today, but it didn't look nearly as good as yours does!
Also, big foreheads must run in the family. I have one too. That's why I've always had bangs. I've just recently decided to embrace my forhead (...or fivehead).

Steffany said...

Looks great, Kendra! I've tried recently and failed and brushed it out, haha!