Work Hard when you're Young!

When I was in High School I use to go to the Chiropractor almost every week because of back problems from gymnastics and cheerleading. It wasn't fun... but I learned something during my many trips there.  I would often tell the doctor cracking my back what was going on in my life... games, competitions, school, getting ready for college, etc. and he would say to me every time... "Work hard when you're young so you don't have to when you're older!"  This quote has stuck to me like glue still to this day.

Every morning when I wake up... and I REALLY don't want to go to work... which is pretty much everyday... I say those 13 little words in my head and it helps me to crawl out from under the warm covers and set my two feet on the ground.  I repeat them to myself when things are hectic at work, when I want to quit my Master's Program that is taking forever, and even when I am dreading a workout. I guess you could call it my life's mantra.

As Fall Break slowly approaches with a lovely three day weekend in store for me... I find myself repeating this quote over and over again when I'm working 12 hour days and writing papers for class.  It reminds me that now is the time to push myself and then when I'm older I can relax :) 

Any of you out there have good mantra's that you live by???

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