Dan's 27th Birthday

I didn't forget my husband's B-day! PROMISE! October 13th is the actual date!

BUT... Dan had to work on his actual birthday, so we celebrated this weekend!

I didn't get him anything... don't feel bad for him, he actually made a rather large purchase a few months ago on something he wanted. I said that was his B-day present from me... but I did tell him I would cook him a special Birthday Dinner.

He was given this Birthday Menu Request Form to fill out.

On it he was to choose his appetizer, main course, dessert, and special drinks that he wanted for his birthday meal and then returned it to housekeeping... or should I say... ME!

These were his picks...

Appetizer - Cook's Choice
Main Course - Meatloaf with Veggies
Dessert - Nutty Buddy (Dan's Mom makes this)
Special Drinks - Cook's Choice

For his appetizer I made salami rolls!  YUM!  They are salami, with cream cheese spread on them, and a little leaf of spinach... then you roll them up into a little roll. Dan was in love with these and pretty much ate all 24 of them. Later he even made some of his own.

I also made our favorite meatloaf.  Dan loved it as usual.  You can find that recipe here.

Dan really wanted me to make Nutty Buddy.  I guess this was Grandma Rhoton's old recipe.  It was success and Dan said it tasted just like it always does :)

For Dan's special drink I made homemade sangria.  This consisted of white wine, Fresca, grapes, nectarines, and strawberries.  It wasn't too bad and even tasted better the second day.

Dan said that he had a great birthday... and that his favorite part was getting to spend the whole weekend with his family. Good answer Dan :)

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