The Cons of an 80 lb Dog!

Remington can be a lot to handle... that's no secret! He's knocked me down the stairs several times, scratched up my arms, legs, stomach, and even face, and made my right shoulder horribly sore when he use to pull on his leash during walks.  But this weekend I experienced another con of owning this 80 lb monster...

While taking him out to potty on Saturday evening, Remington saw something of interest to him and took off full force!  Thank goodness he was on a leash, but this meant I was pulled along with him.  It is all I can do to control him when he REALLY wants to go somewhere.  In the process of trying to get control back, I hit my finger on the side of the door and ripped the top of my nail off!  It hurt so bad I actually cried... more like sobbed! MAN IT HURT! A few hours later I also noticed a nice sized lump on the side of my knee.  I must have hit my knee during the craziness as well.  It was swollen, red, and my guess is it will bruise up pretty bad.

Oh Remington... you make my life interesting and I suppose that is why I love you so darn much!

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Monica said...

Oh no! I can't imagine, Reilly is only 50 lbs and if she really wants to pull I know what that is like.