Bruce's 60th Birthday Bash!

This weekend we celebrated my father in-laws 60th Birthday! I know, he doesn't look a day over 40 does he??

The party was held in Muncie, so Dan and I packed up our things, took Remington to be boarded, and headed to our old stomping grounds. We were very excited to go not only because of the party, but also because of all the people that were going to be there. All of Dan's brothers, their wives, and their kids were in attendance. YAY!  It isn't everyday that I get to see my nieces and nephews all at the same time!

We all met up at the Apple Orchard for some family photos.  This is the first time in ages we have all gotten together so Dan's Mom wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. Below are just some of the pictures we took.

After that a bunch of the guys went golfing for the afternoon while I hung out with the rest of the family.

Around 6:00 it was time for the party to get started!  We had Pizza King pizza... my FAV! And birthday cake!  

The cake was a hit with the kids :)

Dan and I had a great time!  We hope your 60th Birthday was all you hoped for Bruce! We love ya!

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