Quote on Marriage

Truth: My all time favorite blog to read is Skinny Runner's.    Click here to view her awesomeness ---------------^

Truth: I stalk her blog and twitter several times a day.

Truth: She is a bad ass and runs more miles in a week that I do a year... WOW!

Truth: She is my inspiration!

Most of the time Skinny Runner is posting about her running, crazy things the celebs are doing, or other sarcastic comments about her life in general but, recently she posted a quote on her blog about marriage and I have been pondering over it for the past several days... I even printed it out and stuck it up on my cork board at work... like I said it really makes me think!

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"Relationships are living entities, and if left alone, they'll atrophy.
Marriage is never a finished product. It requires attention and a time commitment.

You have to find time somewhere that's devoted to the relationship so you don't gradually drift apart and graduate to living separate lives.

Those who can go the distance are intentional about the relationship
and make the commitment not to let it deteriorate.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Marriage is hard... especially for us at times when we sometimes only see each other for a total of only 24 hours in an entire week. We often struggle giving our marriage the time and attention is deserves. We get caught up in all the other demands of life. This quote stood out to me so much because I really felt like it was speaking directly to us... it was a little tap on the shoulder.

Thanks for the lesson in life Skinny Runner! And P.S. I'm your biggest fan!

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