The Sale, Birthday, & Father's Day

This past weekend was a busy one. My Grandma recently moved out of her house and into an apartment. She is a "collector" or so we'll call her... and had tons of stuff that needed to be sorted through and sold since she would no longer have room in her apartment for it all. My Mom and her brother decided to have a huge auction/sale over the weekend to part with the many antiques and little knick knacks my Grandma had purchased over the years.

Below is what the moving process looked like... it took several days to get all of the stuff out of her house and to the auction building...

One batch out of the 4 batches of vases that were moved out...

A load of old furniture...

There were boxes and boxes full of knick knacks that were brought out...

And then once it was all moved out to the auction building this is what it looked like!!

Holy Cow right?

See anything you want?!?!

My cousin Briann found this cane that had a hidden sword in it! HA!

The sale went okay... it was a long long day... but thankful all that "stuff" is now gone! YAY!

It was also my Grandma's Birthday... after moving all of the stuff out of the house we celebrated that evening with pizza and ice cream cake! 

Here's my Grandma and two of my cousins (Leslie and Bri) and of course Violet :)

Also, since we were in P-town we were able to celebrate Father's Day with my Dad! Oh how I love my Dad even though we don't get along with each other at times! My Mom says we are just too much alike for our own good, which is probably true.

I made him a homemade card, which I got the idea from Pinterest! Kind of fun right!?!

And we got him a LPD Fraternal Order of Police T-Shirt since he loves the one Dan wears... HEHE... I swear those two are little peas in a pod!

Of course Dan and Remi took their Father's Day picture together!

 Isn't he the sweetest!

There you go! All caught up on what we did this past weekend! It was an adventure that's for sure!

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