Thankful Thursday (Books)

Today I'm thankful for books! I have been loving having the summer off from school this year because I can read to my heart's content! A dream come true! When I was younger I would join those library book reading programs where the more books you read the more prizes you get. I honestly didn't care much about the prizes, but more about the challenge of just reading as many books as I could during the summer! As I got older and entered college it became much more difficult to find the time to read books for pleasure so I would try to stuff all my reading into summer or winter breaks. I can remember a few month long winter breaks during college where I would read 30+ books in that time. I would stay up late into the night reading or just sit all day with my head in a book! It was amazing...

This summer reminds me a little bit of those times and I'm absolutely loving every minute of it!

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