Life Passes Before my Eyes!

Last night, after I got my hair cut and highlighted... I drove home... ate fast food... and planted myself on the couch for the rest of the evening where I played catch up on my favorite TV shows. It was time wasted, but it was time I needed to just relax and be lazy for a bit.

Lately, I have been so completely overcome with things on my "To-Do List" that I seriously feel like I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Okay... I do admit is doesn't take much to get me to that point....

My list of priorities go in this order...

Work: Making sure Phonathon is running smoothly, planning a student philanthropy event, hiring new interns and student callers, and other day to day tasks.

School: Assigned readings, weekly forums, responding to posts, presentations, and a huge final paper.

Family Time: I really do try to spend actual "time" with Dan and Remington... but it's third on my priority list so it doesn't get what it deserves. Usually it involved me engrossed in my homework and Dan/Remi hanging out beside me on the couch.

Running: Lately, the above three have taken priority over this... which shows me why I'm doing so horrible on my training right now.

Cleaning: I have a small obsession with my house being just "so-so"... if it things aren't up to my standards it is hard for me to function. This priority might actually be number two on my list at times.

So, to recap, a normal week day in my life usually goes something like this... Get up at 6:00, work from 8-4:30 (some days (8:00-7:00), head home, work on homework until 9:00 or 10:00 at night, then try to get a run in before 11:00 if I'm not too wiped out, go to bed around 11:30 or 12:00... then do it all over again!

During the next 30 days my priorities need to shift a little bit. Running needs to go from number four on my list to number two. I'm worried at this point that I'm going to be struggling to finish out my half marathon, so I really need to get serious about doing quality runs. However... it will be hard to shift this priority to the top of my list when I have so many other important things that really have to come first.

I'll be so happy when the month of April is over with and I'll have a little break from the rat race! Sometimes I feel like my life is just passing before my eyes!

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