Remington's Rundown

Hey Doodle Lovers! It's Remington Bear here!

This past week I had my annual check up! These always make me so nervous, but I try to put my brave face on.

We arrived at the vet right on time at 1:30 pm. I waited patiently in the waiting room while all the nice ladies that work there talked to me. I was meeting a new doctor today since my regular doctor was out... probably doing something fun with his own doggies.

I finally got checked in to my room for my appointment. The first thing that the vet tech always asks me to do is get weighed in!

"What do I weigh everyone?"

The vet tech said I'm a healthy 76.4 lbs! Only a slight weight gain from last year! Guess all my working out paid off!

Mom and Dad asked a few questions while I waited to meet my new doctor!!!

Finally she arrived and started to check me out. Dr. H. was super nice to me and did a great job checking me out! I had my ears, eyes, nose, teeth, paws, skin, and belly inspected! And guess what?! I passed with flying colors! They said everything looked perfect and told me that I'm a very handsome boy!

Then they took me away and did the worse part of the whole exam... SHOTS! I was so scared to leave Mom and Dad so once it was over with I rushed back into the room to be with them. 

Once the three of us where back together... all was well with the world again. The vet tech told Mom and Dad that I was a very good boy and a pleasure to work with. I'm not gonna lie... I did cry a little bit while I was with him, but I tried to be brave!

Soon it was time to head home and boy was I happy! I'm glad I only have to go there once a year no matter how much I like my doctors!

Time to sign off... WIGGLES!

~Remington Bear~

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blonde81714 said...

Remington is HUMONGOUS!