Sugar Free... Yeah Right!

So last week I issued myself a challenge to go sugar free for one month!

Now... for the first weekly update...

I'm not doing so hot.

My biggest problem is soda... I'm am truly addicted to it even if my husband does think I'm looney for saying it. I could probably give up sweets if it wasn't for that.

The first few days of this challenge... I did okay. I was eating one peppermint after lunch to help curve my cravings and drinking all water...

Day three through five I went a little crazy... I added my one pop a day back into my diet because I couldn't stand not having it... and I started to eat candy and sugary foods like crazy!!!

Day six and seven I did a little better. I cut out the sweets again (except for the pop) and tried to eat healthy foods. When I get a craving for sweets I have been eating fruit to help!

Better luck next week??? Hope so!


somethingswong said...

You can do it!
It sounds like this week was better than where you started so that's great! Maybe try 100% juice of some sort in place of the soda so that the sugar in the soda doesn't make you crave more soda? Just a thought because I get super tired of water too. Good luck!

blonde81714 said...

Oh, man. This sounds super tough. My major vice is caffeine; I just can't get enough of it any time of day...!