Sugar Free... I'm a Failure!

This week was probably worse than the last on this sugar free adventure of mine. Okay... what am I talking about... I have not been sugar free at all! 

Listen folks! I love my sugar... it makes me happy... and I feel as long as I eat it in moderation then I shouldn't have to give up my love for it all together. Besides... when I do try to cut sugar completely out of my diet I soon will go on a binge of eating it... that isn't a good thing by any means either.

What I tried to focus on this week was eating better. I actually added breakfast to my life for the first time in years.

Quinoa with berries and almonds...
I'm allowing myself one soda a day... but if I drink it then I also drink two large glasses of water to compensate. Not the perfect solution but better than just soda and coffee only.

I'm eating sweets... just not going crazy like I usually do. Like I said, I'm not going to be completely miserable... I just love sweets too much.

Next week will probably be a little different food wise for me. I'm running the Mini Marathon on May 4th so I plan to be pretty careful with my eating and drinking habits that week. Tons of water, low fiber foods, and carbs!

How's everyone else doing with this challenge?


somethingswong said...

You are a running inspiration. Just watching people run makes me tired. :) Good luck at the mini!

Stephanie said...

I have completely bombed my eat-less-sugar challenge too, so don't feel too bad! I'm still going to work on it, but have other ideas in mind for my May challenge.

I - like you - am focusing on trying to just eat better all around, and continue to keep my cardio ramped up. If it EVER warms up out here in South Dakota, my tennies are itching to hit some asphalt!

Best of luck on the mini! I can't wait to hear all about it!