Charity Miles

I recently started using this "new to me" app called Charity Miles. Anyone out there heard of it? Pretty much you download the app, register, choose a charity, press start, then run. The app tracks your distance and the money you earn for the charity or your choice! Way cool huh?

Bikers earn 10 cents per mile and walkers and runners earn 25 cents per mile!

Here are some of the charities they support!

One of the things I don't like about the app is the limited number of charities you can choose from... BLEH! Also, some people say that the accuracy of how many miles you run/walk/bike is not correct. I haven't had any problems with this. I also don't like the fact that it only works with runs outside... anything you do on a treadmill doesn't count since GPS isn't involved.

However, overall I really enjoy this app. Not only does it encourage me to run/walk, but I also feel like I'm able to give back a little each time I do. It's a good feeling :) A few improvements could be made, but for the most part a great idea!

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