Nashville Day 1 : Evergreen Farms

Well, we’re here. Where we are staying is a little more rustic than I thought. I mean I knew the cabin was going to be older and on 100 acres of land, but I didn’t expect to be told to watch out for water moccasins right when I arrived. We have very little reception here so trying to find our way around is a little challenging without Trip Advisor or doing searches on our IPhones. We can go to the main house on the property and use their Wifi, which is what I’ve been doing to blog and keep up with my assignments for class.

The grounds are beautiful. No complaints there. There are horses, chickens, roosters, cats, turkeys, ducks, geese, and tons of peacocks that just roam the property. I of course love that since I’m a huge animal lover, but we have had to be extra careful with Remington since he loves to chase anything that moves!

Our first night here we definitely didn’t sleep well. Who knew peacocks are so darn loud!!! They squawked ALL night long… I’m such a light sleeper that I don’t think I ever really fell into a deep sleep. I’m sure though I’ll get use to it by the time we are ready to leave.

I’m a little disappointed with things because it isn’t the 5 star accommodations I expected. There is definitely a lot to be desired. But like Dan has been telling me “it is what you make of it” so I’m focusing on the things I really like about it and none of the bad.

Below are some pictures of the "interesting" things about our cabin...

Almost all the lights look like this... very antiquey... it took me a while just to figure out how to turn them on!!!

Yes... this is our phone :)

The outside house cat... Remi is not fond of him!

The sweetest face in the world!!!

Our view...

In the morning yesterday it was rainy and gloomy so we mostly just hung out inside and caught up on some sleep. In the afternoon it got nicer but was really muggy. Dan and I decided to take Remington on an adventure around the grounds to hopefully wear him out some since he has been cooped up all day long.  The property is really hilly so it ended up being a work out for all of us but fun.

So much land!!!

This is where Gisela's (the women who owns the property) husband is buried. It is the highest point on the property and really pretty. He passed away last year of Parkinson's.

Pure joy!

Meeting the horses!

Stopping to smell the roses!

Resident peacock!

When we got back from our walk… surprise surprise… I found a tick on me. Things that suck blood really freak me out!! Anyways, I plucked the little beast off me and then Dan and I started checking Remington. That furry mongrel had two of those little mama-jamas on him! AHHHH! I hate those things! Of course Dan didn’t get any on him. Remi and I must be the sweet ones ;)

Later that evening Dan and I went to downtown Nashville and decided to eat at Demo’s Restaurant. They specialize in steak and spaghettis.  Dan got the lasagna and I got tilapia. Both were really good.

The next couple of days are supposed to be REALLY hot! Like in the 90’s! Dan is kind of miserable because his allergies are sooooooo bad. Hopefully his meds will start kicking in and he can get some relief, but so far they really haven't. 

See you tomorrow!


blonde81714 said...

How fun! We have a few trips planned this summer, but actually none that include the Milt! He always makes things SO much more fun. I am actually a little worried about what Jeff and I will talk about without him around...!

Anonymous said...

We have been to Evergreen Farm twice, in 2012 and 2013, and it was the most beautiful and peaceful place I have ever visited! Even when it was raining, we loved sitting out on the porch, having a few cocktails, and soaking in the peace and quiet. The peacocks were awesome, as was the precious little black kittie who occupied the porch and followed us around on our walks for most of the visit. The best part was sitting out in the evening and listening to all the waterfowl settling in for the night.....I really missed that once we got home. And by the way, I would take this charming little cabin over any 5-star accommodations anytime. I have no idea what you mean by "a lot to be desired". A well stocked refrigerator and a freshly baked loaf of bread every morning......yeah, that really sucks.....