Nashville Day 5 : Bicentennial Park & The Parthenon

One of the best things about the place we stayed was the homemade bread that was delivered to us every morning! Dan and I were obsessed with this stuff!!! YUMMY!

On Thursday we decided it was going to be Remington's day. You know, the kind of day where he gets to go every where with us. These are the most special days for us because the three of us get to spend quality time together. For his day we planned on going to Bicentennial Park and The Parthenon... both outside and dog friendly!

It was a picture perfect day to visit. Sun shining and temperatures mild!

Next stop was the Parthenon!

Of course everywhere we went we had to stop and have petting sessions... Remington is a popular fella!

It was a nice ending to our last day in Nashville.... but we sure had one tired pup when we got back to our cabin...

That's all for our Nashville vacation adventures! Hope you enjoyed reading! Back to your regular scheduled programing for now... Next trip this summer is Arizona!!!

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blonde81714 said...

The pictures of Remington sleeping with Dan are absolutely adorable! Jeff will haul Milt up on the couch sometimes to snuggle, and I get the biggest kick out of it!