Before Turning 31 Checklist

Setting goals are important to me, but I think what I have learned during this past year is that I sometimes set myself up for failure with goals that are probably a little out of reach or way too much for me to take on. So this year my list will be much shorter, but ones that I believe are more than reachable in a years time.

1) Finish my Master's in Gerontology degree
2) Run a second Half Marathon
3) Run 350 miles between now and my 31st B-day (30 miles per month)
4) Run 5 races shorter than a Half Marathon
5) Have no more than one Starbucks drink per week
6) Do something out of my comfort zone
7) Read more books / Stop watching so much TV
8) Take at least 3 million steps between now and my 31st B-day (at least 62,500 per week)
9) Drink more water (24,000 oz in a year which would be 500 oz per week)
10) Have a child

And even though I will do my best to reach these goals before turning 31, I'll keep in mind the advice a wise woman once told me... "encourage yourself to relax, enjoy life, and be easy on yourself" because what's more important than anything is being happy. Life is too short for anything else. Here's to a fabulous start to my 30's!

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