Forgetting is a Blessing

Monday of this week was a down right crappy day. Without disclosing too much information and making sure to keep the privacy and confidentially of my residents as my top priority, I'll tell you about it in the best way I know how. 

I experienced a day when I had a resident who was very unhappy with me. She was annoyed, frustrated, and exhausted by a situation I had place her in. She expressed her unhappiness with me by saying many hurtful things to me in front of several other peer residents. The situation tore me apart. Not because of the things she said, but because I was the one that had placed her in the situation and caused her unhappiness even though I thought what I was doing at the time was only helping her.

I went home that evening and cried harder than I have in a long time. The situation really upset me and I couldn't shake it for a long time. I knew deep down it wasn't my fault or the resident's fault but instead the fault of a disease that destroys our loved ones minds and can change their personalities forever. 

The next day as I went into work I was very apprehensive to see this resident because of the situation that took place the day before. I was nervous that she would still be upset with me and that our relationship would be damaged forever. But much to my happiness there was no memory of what happened the day before and I was once again just a new friend who had entered her life.

And for that I am thankful.

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