Amazed by Blogs

Today as I was perusing through the blog world, I ran across some amazing blogs... notice the increase in my "Daily Reads!" Yikes!  Well, during the short time that I have been blogging (6 months) I have to tell you I have become pretty obsessed with not only my own, but the blogs of others. It's like you can grow to know people through their blogs. I can only compare it to this... I love running at night during the summer months because I can often see into people's homes that have their lights on!  I know... weird right?  But I can't help it... you can learn so much from people by how they live by doing this and the same goes for blogging!  You can tell what their interests are, what they love the most, what drives them crazy, and the list goes on... and on... and on... IT'S LIKE READING SOMEONE'S JOURNAL!!!! Bingo!

I know that people think I'm crazy and that I have way to much time on my hands... but I really don't care. Some people like doing crossword puzzles in their spare time or playing video games... I just so happen to like blogging and reading them. And even though I'm often told that I won't keep this after I have kids... I swear I'm going to prove them wrong :)

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