Hello Ring... Oh, how I've missed you!

Probably a lot of you don't know this, but I have been without my wedding ring for almost 2 weeks now.  We took it to the jeweler in Muncie to get refinished, which should only be a day process... but the person who does that stuff was on vacation for a week, so we left it and they were going to ship it to us when it was finished!  Well, HOORAY, it showed up at our house today!!!  I'm so happy!!! I swear I have felt almost naked without it on these past few weeks!

I'm so happy your home :)


harveyg2 said...

and so shiny too!

Monica said...

I like your hair!

I know how you feel - I couldn't wear my rings for 5 months while I was pregnant! I was so happy when they fit just a couple weeks after I had Owen!