Remington's Christmas Wish List

WOOF! WOOF! It's your favorite Remington Bear here!

My Mom keeps saying that Christmas is getting closer!! So since she is still sleeping I thought I would sneak on the family blog and let everyone know what I wanted for Christmas so you knew what to get your favorite Goldendoodle :)

Shampoo and Conditioner

First, even though I hate getting baths... I love how I smell afterward!  Mom says that it's all because of the shampoo and conditioner that her and Dad use on me. I also love it because it helps with my dry skin so I don't itch so much :)  You can buy this at your local pet store :)


I haven't gotten to try these yet, but Mom thinks that I would like them because one of her friends dogs likes them.  However, if you get them for me make sure you get the really hard kind or else they won't last long :)  You can buy these at pet stores or even Target!

Old Clothes

If you have any old clothes that you no longer want anymore... forget about donating them to Good Will!  Instead, give them to me!  I love any type of clothing item... socks, shirts, jeans, etc.  I have way more fun playing with them than actual toys since they don't usually last very long.  And this present won't cost you a thing!

Old Sheets

And lastly, the absolute number one thing I want for Christmas is old bed sheets! You know the ones that are old, tattered, and at the bottom of your sheet drawer???  I love these!  I have hours and hours of play time fun with them!  I love hiding under them, wrapping them around myself, and tearing them apart!  And the best thing is... it drives my Mom and Dad crazy when I have them!  Once again, these are free!!!

So remember... when you are writing down all the people you need to get Christmas presents for... don't forget about me... Remington Bear... your all time favorite Goldendoodle :)

Can you seriously resist this face???

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